Dr. Danielle S. Battle was sworn in as the interim superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools by Magistrate Judge Cassandra Kirk this morning at the Center for Leadership and Learning.

Dr. Danielle S. Battle was sworn in as the interim superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools by Chief Magistrate Judge Cassandra Kirk this morning at the Center for Leadership and Learning. In the audience were Atlanta Council President Doug Shipman, Councilman Byron Amos, Councilman Matt Westmoreland as the elected officials in the audience, and former Atlanta Board of Education member Courtney English, among others.

“…Every year has been a buildup of work, success, addressing challenging issues, making sure our teachers and leaders have what they need so our students have what we need. I am so excited that we will have Danielle Battle as our next superintendent in this space.” Eshe Collins, Board Chair, remarked. “Many of us have worked with Dr. Battle over the years Particularly for me, being a newly sword board member, and she was the Associate Sup[erintendent] of my clusters and the opening and welcoming arms as a new board member understanding the work that was ahead and the work we were doing has was invaluable how I can be a better leader has inspired and motivated me over the years.”

Dr. Battle returns to Atlanta Public Schools after working in the district for 19 years in various roles before her retirement in 2021. Battle served as Principal of Parkside Elementary and Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School, Associate Superintendent, and Interim Chief of Schools and Academics.

During her remarks to the attendees, Dr. Battle stressed that her priorities would focus on making every child a reader, moving resources closer to the classroom, transparency and the support of teachers.

“I appreciate the confidence placed in me by the Atlanta Board of Education to lead our schools at this time. I am excited to share the vision and priorities that will guide our efforts to create a brighter future for our students. Our first priority is clear. Atlanta Public Schools will become a district of readers. Literacy is the foundation in upon which all academic success is built. It will be our unwavering commitment to ensure every student, teacher and student and parent feels the pulse of literacy resonating in every classroom and school.’ Dr. Battle remarked. “We will foster a love of reading, equipping our students with the tools to explore, learn, and engage with the world through the power of words. We recognize resources fuel our educational mission. This administration will diligently shift district resources, personnel, and investments closer to the classroom and our students. We will identify and eliminate financial waste, channeling these resources into curriculum and personnel necessary to elevate student achievement. Our commitment to academic excellence demands strategically investment into our student’s future. Transparency is the cornerstone of trust. Our commitment to transparency will be unwavering. As interim superintendent, I pledge to foster honest, open, and collaborative engagement with all stakeholders. We value your perspectives and understand true progress can only be achieved through two-way dialogue. You will find your voices matter and our actions will be guided by your concerns, hopes, and aspirations of the community.”

According to the board website, the APBOE will have community meetings and issue a survey in September for the permanent superintendent replacement for the district.

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