Ten Atlanta residents qualified for the City of Atlanta Board education seats for Districts 1, 3, 5, and at-large seats 7 and 9.

Ten Atlanta residents qualified for the City of Atlanta Board education seats for Districts 1, 3, 5, and at-large seats 7 and 9. The 2023 election is the first staggered-term election for the Atlanta Board of Education, with only odd seats (District 1, District 3, District 5, At-Large Seat 7, and At-Large Seat 9) elected. Even seats (2, 4, 6, and 8) will be voted on again in 2025.

District 1

District 1 areas serve the following schools: Barack & Michelle Obama Academy, Benteen, Dobbs, Hope-Hill, Mary-Lin, Parkside, Slater, Thomasville Heights, King Middle School, Price Middle School, Carver High School, Carver Early College, Midtown High School, and Maynard Jackson High School.

Katie P. Howard (qualified on August 23, 2023) is the incumbent who serves the east part of the city, consisting of Atlanta City Council seats 1 and 2. A native of Atlanta, she graduated from Grady High School. She has previously served as a staff member for the District 8 council member. Before that, she worked in the Fulton County Government and the City of Atlanta as the Assistant to the Municipal Clerk. According to her campaign website, Howard’s priorities are equity, innovation, collaboration, partnerships, SEL, and accountability.  

District 3

District 3 area serves the following schools: Burgess-Peterson Academy, Morningside, Springdale Park, Toomer, David T. Howard Middle School, Adult Literacy Program, East Atlanta Campus, Midtown, and West End Academy.

Ken Zeff (qualified on August 23, 2023) is the Founding Director of Learn 4 Life and former interim Superintendent of Fulton County Schools. He has three kids in Atlanta Public Schools and came to Atlanta after working in Green Dot Public Schools. According to his campaign website, the key priorities he will focus on if elected are hiring the right superintendent, funding schools first, and ensuring every child is a reader.

Michelle Olympiadis (qualified on August 24, 2023) is the incumbent for this seat after serving as a board member for the last five years. A resident of the Morningside community, she has had two children graduate from the now-former Grady High School, with another scheduled to graduate in 2026. She has served previously on the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) Student Success Stakeholder Committee, Invest Atlanta, and the Georgia School Board Association. According to her campaign website, her key priorities will be budget, Birth to Pre-K, professional development, and technology if reelected.

District 5 seat

District 5 area serves the following schools: Beecher Hills Elementary School, Bolton Academy, Fain Elementary, Miles Elementary School, Peyton Forest Elementary School, Scott Elementary School, Towns Elementary School, Tuskegee Airman Global Academy, Usher-Collier Elementary, West Manor Elementary and Woodson Park Academy, Harper-Archer Middle School, John Lewis Invictus Academy, Young Middle School, and Mays High School.

Erika Yvette Mitchell (qualified on August 23, 2023) is the incumbent for this seat after serving on the Atlanta Board of Education (APBOE) since 2017. According to her board website, she works as the Managing Partner at Sports Unlimited Enterprise. She lists her priorities as student well-being, literacy, equity, school safety, student, family, and community engagement, building school and community partnerships, and building global opportunities.

Raynard Johnson (qualified on August 25, 2023) is an IT professional who has run for this seat previously. As a native of Atlanta, he graduated from Southwest Atlanta High School. According to his campaign website, he has served on Fulton County District Attorney’s Anti Gang Youth Violence Task Force and the APD Zone 4 Citizen Advisory Board Member. He lists his priorities as free after-school tutoring, job opportunities for APS vocational students, investing in early childhood learning, and removing traumatic barriers that impede learning.

At-Large Seat 7

At-Large Seat 7 At-large seats are elected by all voters citywide, but candidates have to reside in a group of two School Board districts. Seat 7 candidates must live in the school board districts 1 & 2 (City Council Districts 1-4).   Seat 9 – School Board Districts 5 & 6 (City Council Districts 9-12)

Alfred “Shivy” Brooks (qualified on August 23, 2023) is a current high school economics, personal finance, and government teacher who works in Clayton County Schools. He previously ran for the City Council Post 1 seat at-large in 2021 and is an Atlanta Public Schools parent. He is the education chair for the Georgia NAACP and works with the Fulton County Democratic Party. According to his campaign website, his priorities are educational equity and access, mental health and social-emotional support, community engagement and partnerships, safe and inclusive schools, conflict resolution and restorative practices, curriculum innovation, teacher support and development, collaboration with district and state officials, and transparent and accountable governance.

William “William” Sardin (qualified on August 25, 2023) *

Tamara Jones (qualified on August 23, 2023) is the incumbent for this seat after serving in the role since 2021. Jones has worked in architecture and urban planning for 25 years as a Georgia Tech graduate. She has two children who have graduated from Atlanta Public Schools and one who is a 10th grader. According to her campaign website, her priorities are solid foundations, meaningful connections, and sustainable systems.

At-large Seat 9

At-Large Seat 9 candidates must live in school board districts 5 and 6, city council districts 9-12.

Nkoyo Effiong Lewis (qualified on August 23, 2023) was a finalist for the APBOE appointee seat filled by Jessica Jones. According to her resume, she was a former educator, nonprofit, and attorney. According to her campaign website, her priorities are every classroom, every child, and every cluster.

Jessica Johnson (qualified on August 25, 2023) is the incumbent for the seat nine at-large seat who was sworn into office in January 2023. She came to the APBOE District 9 seat as the Founder and Executive Director of The Scholarship Academy. As the newly appointed board member, she’s served on the APS Community Equity Advisory Committee. According to her campaign website, her priorities are college and career opportunities, funding allocations, and student outcomes.

 The Atlanta Board of Education election will be held on Tuesday, November 7, with a run-off election to be held on December 5, 2023, for any race where a single candidate received less than 50% plus one vote.

*Editor’s Note: We have reached out to William “William” Sardin‘s camp with additional information. At the time of print, we have not had a response.

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