This past week, Atlanta Public Schools voted to approve Dr. Danielle Battle as interim superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools.

This past week, Atlanta Public Schools voted to approve Dr. Danielle Battle as interim superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools. This comes after Board Chairman, Eshe Collins, announced in July that Dr. Herring’s contract would not be extended in June.

“We appreciate Dr. Herring for her leadership, vision, and service to APS, especially during an unprecedented time that impacted us all. We look forward to working closely with her, in this new role, and with Dr. Battle to ensure a seamless transition as we continue our work to advance educational outcomes for our students,” said ABOE Board Chair Eshé Collins.

Despite Dr. Herring leaving at the end of August, she will serve as a consultant until December 2023. In documents obtained by Transparency Now, Dr. Herring will pay Dr. Herring a monthly payment of $29,167.00 for a total of $87,501.00. If Herring works more than ten days during the month of December, she would be paid a daily rate of $1,460.00 for each additional day worked in December.

The move to bring Dr. Battle back to Atlanta Public Schools comes after she worked in the district for 19 years in a variety of roles prior to her retirement in 2021. Battle served as Principal of Parkside Elementary and Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School, Associate Superintendent, and Interim Chief of Schools and Academics.

“We are delighted to welcome Dr. Battle back to APS where her experience and relationship with administrators, staff and the overall community allows her to pick up the reigns with ease,” said ABOE Board Chair Eshé Collins. “She will build on our academic achievements and policies that propel our young scholars as well as advocate for the District’s needs. I have great confidence that Dr. Battle and Dr. Herring will, together, ensure a seamless transition.”

Before stepping into the interim superintendent role, Dr. Battle will serve as a consultant with the district from August 7-August 31 and make $1250.00 per day. As a consultant, she will work with Dr. Herring to review all documents (i.e., board policies, budget, the state board of education rules, and more), confer with district staff, community, and other groups, and attend school board meetings- among other services.

On September 1, Dr. Battle will assume the role of interim Superintendent and will make an annual salary of $320,000 plus benefits.

Atlanta Board of Education expects to identify a superintendent starting on July 1, 2024.

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