The Reward Schools designation acknowledges Title I schools that have made the most significant improvements.

These schools are in the 5% of most improved Title I schools statewide.

11 Cobb County schools, 6 Gwinnett Schools, and two Marietta City schools have been named Title 1 reward Schools by the Georgia Department of Education (GDOE).

The 11 schools in Cobb County to be awarded are: Barber Middle, Birney Elementary, Compton Elementary, East Cobb Middle, Garrett Middle, Green Acres Elementary, Lindley 6th Grade Academy, McCall Primary, Milford Elementary, Norton Park Elementary, and Powder Springs Elementary.

The 6 Gwinnett Schools that qualified were: Baggett Elementary, Corley Elementary, Lawrenceville Elementary, Lilburn Elementary, Peachtree Elementary, and Sweetwater Middle.

The two schools named in Marietta City are Hickory Hills Elementary and Sawyer Road Elementary.

These 19 schools have made tremendous strides in improving their student’s education, and being awarded this status further highlights that.
Statewide, only 157 schools in 77 districts make up reward schools.

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