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In correspondence sent to parents, both Gwinnett County and Cobb County Schools have opted to transition to a four day work week starting April 13 after hearing from hundreds of parents around how online learning is going for students and parents. Both districts opt for digital learning for Monday through Thursday and opt for Friday to be an opportunity for students to independently review their progress from the previous group and catch up on assignments.

In Cobb County each Friday will be used to review student progress, adjust content for the following week based on student needs, and to offer virtual office hours as needed.

The changes to Gwinnett County School virtual learning plan takes an additional step with a partnership with the Gwinnett County Public
Library that provides students with access to live online tutoring
daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Using, students also
can receive “drop-off support” 24-7 by uploading a document
for tutor feedback that will be reviewed and returned at a
later time. Information is available on the GCPS website or at

In addition to the update on the four day work week, Gwinnett County Schools also gave guidance around graduation, prom and other end of the year activities such as prom, graduation, transcripts and getting belongings.

Proms— High schools that did not hold their proms before
March 13 will not be able to do so as all school activities are
canceled for the year. Information about possible refunds or
credit will be communicated to families by the local school.
Graduations— For the Class of 2020, the scheduled
graduation ceremonies are not able to be held in a traditional
manner. However, the district is making plans to hold
graduations virtually in May, followed by traditional
ceremonies in July if conditions allow. As details become
available, they will be shared by your local school.
Transcripts— Students should request transcripts through, which will process the request and send the
document to colleges electronically. Any questions should be
directed to the student’s high school.
Retrieving Belongings from or Returning Items to School—
Schools are working on updating their end-of-year processes
and will communicate to families when students will be
allowed to access to the building to pick up personal
belongings or return books or other items to the

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