On Sunday, a Georgia mom went viral for a video after speaking out in the public comment section of a school board meeting. 

The video, which has amassed nearly 400,000 views, shows the mom speaking out at a Gwinnett County Public Schools Meeting in Suwanee, Georgia.

Melanie Moore, depicted in the video, has a fourth-grader and third-grader student in District Two. 

“Our country cannot begin to heal until we deal with the pain, trauma, and hurt from our past,” said Moore, speaking about America’s racist past.

“We have got to stop pushing the agenda that diversity and truth in education are all about indoctrination, shaming, or placing guilt at the feet of white people. No one is asking you to get up and place your head on the chopping block for the wrongs of the past. People are simply asking for their stories to be heard and taught as ours have been for generations,” said Moore.

Melanie Moore, Gwinnett County Schools Parent

Moore’s comments come in light of the Georgia Board of Education recently vowing to pass legislation that would effectively ban the teaching of CRT.

Georgia is one of many GOP-led states, which seeks to ban CRT from classrooms, although Georgia schools have never taught the concept.

Critical Race Theory, or CRT for short, refers to the academic concept that revolves around how racism is embedded within society and how that ultimately has, does, and will continue to affect minorities.

Despite what hot takes and opinions you may have heard from various people about CRT, the concept does not blame anyone. Like many academic and historical teachings, it relies on previous events to show how America was built. With America utilizing many White supremacists behaviors such as slavery, Jim crow laws, and redlining for centuries, it’s easy to see how these actions can have a lasting impact on this country even today.

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