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Griffin Spalding County Schools Board of Education public comment section clashes over critical race theory

Community members sparred over critical race theory being taught in Griffin-Spalding County Schools during public comment at a Board of Education meeting Tuesday. Despite Superintendent Keith Simmons’ previous declaration that critical race theory is not taught in the district, a clear division formed as members of the public expressed their opinions at the podium. The […]

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Cobb County School Board of Education passes resolution banning Critical Race Theory in district

The Cobb County School Board of Education passed a resolution to prohibit teaching of critical race theory in the district Thursday. The vote was split among partisan lines, with republican members voting for the resolution and democratic members voting against the resolution. Chair Randy Scamihorn, David Chastain, David Banks and Brad Wheeler — all Republican […]

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Cherokee County Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer Resigns Before Starting

On March 19, Cherokee School Board approved the appointment of CCSD’s first administrator focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Cecelia Lewis, who currently serves as a Principal in Maryland and has extensive school and district leadership experience. She was scheduled to join CCSD this summer as an administrator on special assignments for student services. […]