On Wednesday the University System of Georgia approved changes in tenure policies in 25 of Georgia’s colleges and universities. The new system will permit professors to be dismissed if they fail to take corrective steps following two unsatisfactory reviews. In a vote that warranted no discussion, the Regents voted for the sweeping changes.

The changes come after a working group formed in September of 2020  that reviewed the current policy and submitted recommendations to the regents in June of 2021. This change does not come after controversy with professors signing a petition of 1,000+ signatures in opposition.

The American Association of University Professors has threatened legal action which views that this new policy would hurt the recruitment of highly qualified professors from other states.

In a prepared statement, the system stated, “The goal of the changes they recommended is to support career development for all faculty as well as ensure accountability and continued strong performance from faculty members after they have achieved tenure,” the regents wrote in a prepared statement.

Prominent Georgians have commented on the change including Stacy Abrahams, former state House of Representatives Minority Leader.

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