Fayette County Schools to Pivot to Mandatory Masks on Tuesday, August 24

In a letter to parents on Monday, Fayette County Schools will require masks in all schools and office buildings starting Tuesday, August 24 through September 17, 2021, with the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the community.

Currently, 16 of their 24 schools have face-covering requirements after one percent of their staff and student population tested positive for COVID-19. The district’s COVID-19 Taskforce will monitor the number of cases and when they drop below one percent for two consecutive weeks, the mandate will be reevaluated.

Here is an excerpt of the letter sent to parents.

“We recognize that this mandate is not the ideal situation and that there are some who may be dissatisfied with this decision. Our goal from the beginning has been to keep students in the school with their teachers. Not only is this the best option for their academic success, but it is also critical to the overall health of our community. When students are in our buildings, they are not congregating and socializing in the community, which puts public health at risk. Our ability as a community to pull together and take this safety measure improves our chances of keeping our schools open and everyone healthy.”

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