In an unprecedented move, the City of Decatur City Schools will require all students and staff to be vaccinated from COVID-19. This idea was presented at the August 24th work session and will be voted on at their September regular board meeting.

If passed, Decatur City Schools will be the first K-12 school district in the state to require COVID-19 vaccinations. The board did indicate they will make accommodations for those with religious and/or medical objections.

District Superintendent, Maggie Fehrman indicated that their team will work with their counsel to craft policies and create a timeline for implementation.

“There’s no law that prevents us from requiring staff to be vaccinated. However, if we do want to as a district say yes we will require vaccines against COVID, then we have to also have a process in place for staff who chose or say they don’t want to get vaccinated…”

Maggie Fehrman, Superintendent City of Decatur Schools

The next regularly scheduled board meeting is September 14 at 125 Electric Avenue in Decatur, GA.

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