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New dashboard highlights reading readiness across the state

Starting today, it will be easier for educators, communities, and stakeholders to access literacy data at the state, district, and school levels. Through the  Reading Readiness Dashboard, Georgians can access information on the percentage of students reading below, on, and above grade level for every school, district, and Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA) region in […]

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State Senate passes ‘culture wars’ education measure

by Dave Williams | Mar 28, 2024 | Capitol Beat News Service ATLANTA – The Georgia Senate passed legislation Tuesday crammed with multiple “culture wars” provisions affecting Georgia schools. House Bill 1104, which the Senate’s Republican majority passed 33-21 along party lines, originated in the House as a measure addressing mental-health risks for student athletes. But Senate Republicans added a […]

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Private-school vouchers win final passage from General Assembly

by Dave Williams | Mar 20, 2024 | Capitol Beat News Service ATLANTA – The state Senate gave final passage Wednesday to controversial legislation offering private-school vouchers to Georgia students attending low-performing public schools. The Republican-controlled Senate voted 33-21 along party lines to adopt a version of the vouchers bill the state House’s GOP majority narrowly passed last week. The […]

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Private school vouchers narrowly clear Georgia House

by Dave Williams | Mar 14, 2024 | Capitol Beat News Service ATLANTA – A controversial private-school vouchers bill squeaked through the Georgia House of Representatives Thursday. The bill, which would provide vouchers worth up to $6,500 to help students in low-performing public schools transfer to a private school, passed the Republican-controlled House 91-82, the minimum number of votes needed […]

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Pay raises for teachers, state workers sail through Georgia House

by Dave Williams | Mar 10, 2024 | Capitol Beat News Service ATLANTA – The Georgia House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a $36.1 billion fiscal 2025 state budget Thursday with generous raises for teachers and state employees made possible by a huge surplus. “This is an awesome budget that addresses the needs of every Georgian from all walks of life,” […]

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State Senate passes bill aimed at American Library Association

by Dave Williams |March 3, 2024 | Capitol Beat News Service ATLANTA – The Republican-controlled Georgia Senate has passed legislation that would prohibit city, county, and regional libraries from using either tax dollars or private funds on any materials offered by the American Library Association (ALA). Senate Bill 390 cleared the upper chamber in the General Assembly 33-20 along […]

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Georgia House Subcommittee discusses education initiatives and budget adjustments in recent meeting

The Georgia House Appropriations Higher Education Subcommittee held a meeting late last week for the 2025 Budget Hearing.  The Subcommittee made several agency adjustments to the budget, including health insurance, retirement systems, DLs, and insurance. The most notable change is a formula growth of $2.256 million in USG’s teaching program. Georgia MATCH Lynne Riley, President […]

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Georgia General Assembly introduces bill surrounding discussing gender in classrooms

On February 16 the Georgia General Assembly introduced Senate Bill 88 a bill that would prevent teachers from discussing gender in classrooms under certain circumstances. Sponsored by Sen. Carden Summers it was brought before the chamber’s committee on education and youth.  According to a report by WABE, Senator Carden Summers (R) sponsored the bill, saying, […]

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Georgia schools getting electric buses through federal grant

by Dave Williams | Jan 23, 2024 | Capitol Beat News Service ATLANTA – Seven Georgia school districts will receive nearly $60 million in federal funding for new electric and low-emission buses. The Georgia grant is part of $1 billion going to school systems across the country to pay for clean buses. The money comes from the bipartisan infrastructure spending […]

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Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Mentions Education In State of The State Address

Today, Gov. Brian Kemp delivered his State of the State Address at the Georgia Capitol Museum. At the beginning of the address, Kemp promised to “put hard work and Georgians first,” fund priorities like education, public safety, and healthcare, and keep the government “efficient, responsible, and accountable.” During the address, Kemp mentioned the Georgia Match […]

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Gov. Kemp announces $1000 bonus for all state employees

Gov. Kemp announces bonuses for every state employee, including public school teachers; each k-12 educator will receive a $1000 bonus that will appear on a paycheck this month. During a news conference, Gov. Brian Kemp announced this morning where Speaker Burns, House Appropriations Committee Chairman Matt Hatchett, and Senator Bo Hatchett joined him.  “We are […]

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Lawsuit looking to block ban on gender-affirming care for Georgia transgender youth

by Dave Williams | Jun 30, 2023 | Capitol Beat News Service ATLANTA – A group of parents has filed a federal lawsuit challenging Georgia legislation limiting medical care for transgender children two days before the law is due to take effect. Senate Bill 140, which prevents Georgians under 18 from obtaining gender-affirming hormone replacement therapy or surgery, is scheduled […]

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The science of reading undergirds Georgia’s new literacy-education laws 

by Rebecca Grapevine | Apr 21, 2023 | Capitol Beat News Service ATLANTA – Georgia is gearing up to implement a new approach to teaching reading in the early grades.   Gov. Brian Kemp recently signed into law two literacy bills passed during this year’s legislative session.   About 36% of Georgia third graders read below grade level, according to the state’s 2022 Milestones test results, […]

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School voucher measure narrowly fails in state House  

by Rebecca Grapevine | Mar 29, 2023 | Capitol Beat News Service ATLANTA – Legislation to offer private-school vouchers to Georgia students attending low-performing public schools failed Wednesday night in the state House of Representatives.   The bill would have created $6,500 vouchers for Georgia students to use for private-school or home-schooling expenses if they were assigned to attend a public school […]

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Teacher planning period bill passes  

by Rebecca Grapevine | Mar 30, 2023 | Capitol Beat News Service Rep. John Corbett, R-Lake Park, sponsored a successful bill guaranteeing teachers a daily planning period. ATLANTA – The General Assembly has approved a bill guaranteeing Georgia public school teachers a daily planning period to use for lesson planning, grading and other tasks.   The new measure will apply to […]

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News Brief: Amendments and substitutions added to SB 233 Georgia Promise Scholarship Act

With the passing of SB 233, it is noteworthy to highlight the additions to the substitutions and three amendments added before the bill was passed. The SB 233 includes several substitutes, including- the amount per student per year was changed from $6,000 to $6,500, dual enrollment was clarified, and funds can only be used for core courses, […]

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Georgia House Education Policy Subcommittee passes $6,000+ voucher bill

The Georgia House of Representatives Education Policy Subcommittee voted to pass SB 233, also known as “The Georgia Promise Scholarship Act,” in an Education Policy Subcommittee Meeting.  According to Senator and author of the bill Greg Dolezal, this bill will give students and parents more options regarding where they receive their education.  “What this bill […]