Senator Jon Ossoff held a press conference Monday with Metro Atlanta school officials to discuss the effect that the American Rescue Plan will have on metro Atlanta school districts this fall.

“Thanks to the federal funds coming through the American Rescue Plan passed by congress and signed by President Biden, every single school district in metro Atlanta is preparing for full return to in person learning this fall,” said Ossoff

The American Rescue Plan will bring millions of dollars to metro Atlanta schools, as noted on the Senator’s website. The sum total of the American Rescue Plan’s funding for metro Atlanta schools is over a billion dollars. 

The school district who will be receiving the largest amount of funds is DeKalb County Schools ($320.6 million), followed by Gwinnett County Schools ($265.2 million), Clayton County Schools ($198.2 million), Atlanta Public Schools ($193 million) and Cobb County schools ($182.3 million), these totals can be found on the Senator’s website.

Note- On the website it says that $1.6 billion was allocated to metro Atlanta schools, however at the press conference Ossoff said $1.5 billion

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