In a letter to Cobb County School Superintendent, Chris Ragsdale, State Representative Teri Anulewicz from Georgia House District 42, penned a letter imploring him to prioritize students and staff safety and mandate masks. The letter was penned after Cobb County Schools has had over 822 COVID cases since July 1st- with only two weeks of in-person classes.

Cobb County is one of several school districts that has opted for a mask optional position despite guidance from the CDC and Cobb Department of Health who have urged the opposite.

It is time to require masks in our schools. We know that in Atlanta Public Schools , only about 18% of eligible students and 58% of faculty, staff, and other district employees are vaccinated. Based on Cobb County data, I doubt that the numbers of vaccinated faculty and staff in CCSD is that much higher than in Atlanta, and it is for this reason that I also urge Cobb County Schools to require that all unvaccinated employees be surveillance tests for COVID019 twice daily.

Ter Anulewicz, Georgia House District 42

This letter comes a day after a pro-mask rally at the Cobb County headquarters became heated after counter protesters came and the two sides exchanged words.

The district issued a statement about the rally, but we have not heard their response to this letter.

“We value and appreciate input from our entire community. In accordance with a recently issued administrative order by the GADPH, Cobb’s updated Public Health Protocols are intended to balance the importance of in-person learning and the frequent changes associated with COVID-19, along with the concerns from our community.”

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