Cobb County Schools will hold a special accreditation review between August 15th-18th.

The situation began when Board members Dr. Jaha Howard, Charisse Davis and Leroy Tre’ Hutchinson sent a letter to Cognia, an accreditation organization, for help in January. The letter cited various issues, mainly regarding a lack of acknowledgement from the Board to their concerns.

“We are grappling with many of the same challenges as other districts, including closing opportunity gaps for students, keeping staff and students safe, and adjusting to changing demographics,” said the letter. 

The letter was sent to the entire School Board and Superintendent, as mentioned on a Facebook post by Hutchinson, on April 25th. However the Board and the Superintendent seemed to have ignored the letter and the concerns listed.

On the Cobb County Schools website, it was noted that the review, “will also involve interviews between Cognia and individual board members, the Superintendent, District staff, principals, teachers, and community members.” 

Cognia noted that they received nearly 50 complaints concerning the school district as well, as mentioned in a news update on the Cobb County Schools website.

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