Georgia Department of Education announced its second series of Opportunity grants aimed at expanding options and opportunities for students in Georgia. These grants will support more programming in fine arts, health, physical education, world languages, and summer bridge programs for rural school districts.

This second round of funding totaling $1,820,804 is made possible through federal stimulus funds under the American Rescue Plan.

“Georgia is committed to expanding opportunities for students and providing an enriching educational experience in the core content areas and beyond,” State School Superintendent Woods said. “These grants ensure that students across the state have access to educational opportunities that prepare them for life and keep them engaged in school.”

Schools receive funds from five categories which include:

  • Fine Arts: Awarded to 243 schools, the Fine Arts Consumables and Equipment (FACE) grant provides up to $3,000 per teacher for the acquisition of supplies and equipment needed to teach the required Georgia Standards of Excellence for Fine Arts.
  • Health and Physical Education: Awarded to 201 schools, the Health and Physical Education Equipment (HPE) grant provides up to $3,000 per school for the acquisition of equipment needed to support health and physical education instruction.
  • World Languages – PARTNER: Awarded to 10 schools, the Providing Access for Rural Teachers for New Equipment and Resources (PARTNER) grant allows world language teachers to implement sustainable world language instructional initiatives and increase access to quality world language education.
  • World Languages – Cross-Curriculum Innovation: Awarded to 12 schools, the Cross-Curriculum Innovation (CCI) grant supports innovative connections between world language and other areas of the curriculum.
  • Summer Bridge Program: Awarded to 32 schools, this grant provides up to $15,000 per school to implement summer programs with the purpose of accelerating student learning. These grants are targeted to programs serving K-8 students in rural districts.

 In the metro area, the following districts received funding:

  • Atlanta Public Schools received $42,505.
  • Carrollton City Schools received $5,999.
  • Cherokee County Schools received $22,307.
  • Clayton County Schools received $58,383.
  • Cobb County Schools received $112,584.
  • Coweta County Schools received $15,585.
  • Dekalb County Schools received $24,470.
  • Douglas County Schools received $30,025
  • Forsyth County Schools received $35,414.
  • Fulton County Schools received $20,843.
  • Griffin-Spalding Schools received $5,123.
  • Gwinnett County Schools received $82,910.
  • Henry County Schools received $46,703.
  • Marietta City Schools received $23,371.
  • Newton County Schools received $18,396.
  • Paulding County Schools received $10,995.

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