The Rockdale County Public Schools (RCPS) Twitter page asked parents to take a voluntary, anonymous survey on Wednesday, regarding COVID-19 vaccinations rates for students 12 and older.

“RCPS parents – please help us by taking this voluntary, anonymous survey on COVID-19 vaccination rates in students age 12 & older at (website link). This survey will help inform RCPS COVID-19 risk mitigation practices, such as wearing masks.”

Rockdale Public Schools

The post comes after the school district has already had three vaccination access events that took place on May 15th, June 5th, and June 12th. The RCPS website mentioned that there will be more vaccination events in the future, on July 10th and July 31st. 

The RCPS website also mentioned that 44 percent of their school-age children do not have access to the vaccine. This would most likely influence the school district’s strategies on how to reopen schools safely while mitigating the risk of Covid. 

“Keep in mind that there is currently no vaccine available to our school-aged children under 12-years-old, which for Rockdale County Public Schools means that 44% of our school-aged children do not currently have access to a vaccine until such vaccines have been developed and initially approved by the FDA”, said the RCPS website.

Rockdale Public Schools

“All of our current mitigation strategies (eg masks, social distancing, and handwashing) remain in place as we continue to carefully monitor our local public health data to include vaccination rates.”

There is a chance that parents may be asked to take the survey again in the future, in order to see if there is a shift in vaccination rates, as mentioned on the anonymous survey.

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