This morning it was announced that the Georgia Department of Education is awarding $4.9 million in competitive grants to support school improvement efforts in 14 school districts and state charter schools. In the metro area, two districts, Fulton County Schools and Dekalb County Schools receiving $886, 534 of state funds.

Districts were targeted if they had at least one school identified for Comprehensive Support & Improvement (CSI) or Targeted Support & Improvement (TSI), or state charter schools identified for CSI or TSI, were eligible to apply for SUCCESS (School Improvement Supporting Unlimited Critical and Comprehensive Educational Success for Students) Grants.

The grants. throughout the state, totaling $4,938,154, are designed to provide opportunities for schools identified for state support to ensure the necessary infrastructure and supports for leaders, teachers, and families are available while focusing on specific subgroup needs.

“We continue to be laser-focused on providing the supports necessary for all schools to improve, including intensive and tailored supports for struggling schools,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “The SUCCESS Grants are part of our ‘all hands on deck’ approach to school improvement, providing additional resources as schools work to expand opportunities for students and ensure the best possible educational experience for every child.”

State School Superintendent, Richard Woods

Awarded districts will use the grant funds to provide summer academic programming for students in grades 2-5, implement mobile science labs, purchase classroom libraries, offer teacher professional learning on instructional practices, create wraparound centers, expand 1-1 technology access, and more.

“We are so excited to collaborate with GaDOE Federal Programs and federal identified school districts to provide tiered and tailored support for specific subgroup needs,” Deputy Superintendent for School Improvement Dr. Stephanie Johnson said. “Implementation of the resources and strategies provided in the grant will help our schools to remove variability of learning among students. Our goal is for every child in Georgia to reach optimal success and have a positive learning experience that meets their needs every day.”

Deputy Superintendent for School Improvement, Dr. Stephanie Johnson

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