McIntosh High boys soccer team ranked No.1 in nation

The McIntosh High Chiefs boys soccer team of Fayette County Schools was ranked the No. 1 boys soccer team in the nation by the United Soccer Coaches Association, according to a Wednesday press release from the district.

The team received the honor after finishing the year 22-1 and winning the state title 2-1 over Johnson High of Hall County Schools May 13, according to the release. The Chiefs were recognized June 1, the third time they have received No. 1 in the nation, according to the United Soccer Coaches Association.  

“Any team to be ranked in the National Top 25 is a great recognition. And to be ranked #1 is an honor of respect and should be taken with great pride and humility,” Chiefs Boys Soccer Coach Bunky Colvin said in a Tuesday Facebook post.

The team has previously received three No.2 rankings on the national scale, according to the release.

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