Kemp says Atlanta Teachers Can’t Move Up in the Vaccination Line

On Friday, Governor Kemp denied a request from the Atlanta Board of Education to move teachers in the 1A group for vaccinations against COVID-19 saying that there’s not enough of the supply and that indeed schools are safe to open.

This comes after the School Board approved a resolution urging the state to begin vaccinating teachers- instead of the April date given by Dr. Toomey and Kemp. Currently healthcare workers, nursing home residents, law enforcement and people 65 and oder are eligible for the vaccines.

Kemp said, “The truth is that our current vaccine supply is not enough to expand the 1A+ vaccination criteria. We have over 2 million Georgians eligible to get the vaccine today, including over 1.3 million seniors. While we have made extraordinary progress administering over 1 million doses to over 800,000 Georgians and 500,000 seniors- we have along, tough journey ahead of us.”

Buckling down that schools can safely reopen without the vaccines with the increase in mask mandates and the additional federal pandemic aid Kemp added, “Dozens of school districts across our state have done so since last fall before any vaccine was first available to Georgians.”

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