Dr. Rudy Crew

In a surprising 4-3 vote, the Dekalb County Board of Education voted against hiring superintendent finalist, Rudy Crew during the board virtual work session.

Crew an experienced leader from Miami and New York and currently as the acting president of Medgar Evers College had been met with criticism surrounding taxpayer’s dollars being improperly spent and obstruction of a rape investigation.

During a heated exchange board members Dr. Joyce Morley and Allyson Gevertz had a heated exchange around the vote and the board’s decision not to move forward with Crew.

With current Superintendent Ramona Tyson retiring in June, Dekalb County is left without an immediate replacement for the role. Her predecessor, Steve Green who had been with the district in 2015.

In several virtual community meetings, members grilled Crew around not only his plan for reopening the district after the COVID-19 pandemic and also the allegations around his path.

Despite the controversies, Marshall Orson and board vice-chairwoman Vickie B. Turner, and Allyson Gevertz voted to hire, while board members Diijon DaCosta, Joyce Morley, and Stan Jester voted not to hire Crew.

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