After over 50+ bus drivers called out on Friday morning and routes canceled, dozens of Dekalb County Schools parents were forced to pick up their children from school. The cause was there were not enough bus drivers who showed up for work.

Dekalb is among the other metro Atlanta school districts who are finding bus driver shortages are not easy to file, causing districts to offer sign-on bonuses and increased pay.

In a statement Dekalb County Schools released this statement:

The District has had a high number of absences among bus drivers today in Region 1. Upon learning of the absences, the District immediately communicated with families so that they can plan for alternative transportation to and from school today.

Just like other districts in the metro Atlanta area and nationally, the District is experiencing a shortage of school bus drivers. Our dedicated drivers are working extra hours to get our students to school safely and on time. Through meetings with our bus drivers, they have shared concerns with staff and the District is addressing those concerns.

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