Dr. Gyimah Whitaker was sworn in as the new Superintendent of Decatur City Schools tonight, surrounded by colleagues, friends, and former board members from Fulton County Schools. The ceremony was held in the Elizabeth Wilson Student Support Center board room. Decatur Chief Municipal Judge Rhathelia Stroud gave Whittaker her oath of office.

Previously the Deputy superintendent of academics in Fulton County Schools, Whitaker focused her speech on improving student outcomes and establishing a strong foundation for evidence-based literacy instruction in the district. 

“…As a leader, my core beliefs are that equity is the vehicle to excellence, leadership matters, and engagement inspires. Guided by these values, I am both humbled and delighted to ensure that together City Schools of Decatur reaches an even higher level of brilliance,” Whitaker said in her remarks.

There are planned listening sessions for Whitaker planned for July through August, with Whittaker taking the helm of the district on July 1, 2023,

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