On Tuesday, the Cobb County Health Advisory Panel met in a virtual special called l meeting with the intent to advise the Cobb County Schools to adopt a universal mask policy that would require all students to wear masks in school.

The panels include Cobb Schools Superintendent, Chris Ragsdale, Chairwoman Lisa Cupid, Marietta City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Grant Rivera along other notable figures in Cobb County.  

All members agreed with the exception of Ragsdale who abstained.

With the high rate of COVID-19 cases in schools, a health board for Cobb County schools is advising the district to adopt the position that children need to wear masks in school. All board members agreed with the exception of Cobb Schools Superintendent Chris Ragsdale who abstained.

Currently, Marietta City Schools reinstated a district-wide mask mandate last month, while masks are optional for students in Cobb County School District.

The ultimate decision will be up to Cobb Superintendent Ragsdale to make the final determination following the health board’s recommendation.

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