Last week the Cobb County School District, welcomed 600 teachers at their annual New Teacher Academy. The New Teacher Academy helps welcome teachers new to Cobb and prepare them for a successful start to the new school year.  

The New Teacher Academy aimed to inspire Cobb’s new teachers and provide training on the digital-age classroom tools available to them in Cobb. 

Sessions at the Academy focused on building the foundation for learning and provided immersive learning opportunities in the teachers’ respective content areas and also about meeting the needs of the students. 

In addition to what the Cobb training offered all new educators, teachers with 0-2 years of experience participated in all-day immersive sessions specific to their teaching assignments. The new teachers continued their training and preparation at their local schools.

Schools across Cobb held “welcome back” events for their educators who will guide students to success in 2021-2022.School is scheduled to start in Cobb County on August 2, 2021.

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