In a startling move, Clayton County Superintendent Moreace Beasley announced Tuesday that students in grades K-5 starting April 12 via his YouTube Live Townhall meeting.

“April 12, it is our plan if the vaccination distribution goes as planned, if we continue to see decreasing numbers, make no mistake, we will be returning our Pre-K through 5th-grade students back to our facilities for the first two weeks starting April 12 on a hybrid model, thereafter five face-to-face days a week until the end of the school year,” he said.

Starting on March 22, all district personnel and staff at the elementary level will return and students will learn online while staff has professional development. During the week of March 29th through April, virtual training will continue. During the week of April 12 through April 22, the district will provide a hybrid model of learning for Pre-K through 5th-grade students- where select students will be split into small groups and will attend face-to-face instruction on certain days with virtual instruction the other days. Secondary students who are in self-contained special education classes can also return at this time. All other students in grades 6-12 will work virtually with a later date on when they will be offered face-to-face instruction.

Stay tuned for more developments as this story is updated.

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