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These searches are part of the district's attempt to uphold their five behavior norms.

In a statement last week to all parents, Clayton County schools will implement a new initiative to keep students on their 67 learning campuses safe.

As part of this initiative, the CCPS Division of Safety and Security will immediately commence random searches at various locations within the district. Notably, these searches may involve K-9 units at middle and high school levels, enhancing detection capabilities.

Addressing the pressing need for responsible student behavior, Superintendent Smith emphasized the importance of community involvement in upholding the district’s Five Behaviors Norms. These norms, which advocate for campuses free from weapons, violence, drugs, bullying, and gangs, are deemed non-negotiable pillars of the school system.

“In collaboration with our families and communities, we are unwavering in our pursuit to uphold these standards, ensuring our students have the environment they deserve,” stated Dr. Smith.

To bolster safety protocols, CCPS has forged partnerships with law enforcement agencies both within Clayton County and beyond. These alliances aim to bolster proactive measures in safeguarding the well-being of students, staff, and visitors across all school premises.

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