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Marietta City Schools Superintendent, Grant Rivera Cites Polarization and Politicization as Realities of COVID Pandemic

In a letter to Marietta City Schools Families, Superintendent Grant Rivera outlined what he described as… “the walls of the classroom, the polarization and politicization that come from the realities of a pandemic feel crushing. The opinions around masks, quarantine protocols, and virtual learning have sowed deep-seeded divisions in our community.” The letter in whole […]

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GaDOE Offers Guidance on Opening Schools for the 2020-2021 School Year

This morning in a 10-page document, “Georgia’s Path to Recovery for K-12 Schools” the Georgia Department Education offered guidance to Georgia’s  181 school districts that containing over 2,200 schools that employ over 114,800 teachers who educate approximately 1.6 million students every day. This document came after the Center for Disease Control gave federal guidance to prioritize the health and safety of […]

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With the Risk of 275,000+ Teacher Being Laid Off, Council of Greater City Schools Urges Congress to Act

In an unprecedented move, the Council of the Greater City schools drafted asking Congress for emergency funding of $200+ billion for the upcoming school year. Without this aid, the group says that an estimated 275,000 teachers may lose their jobs. The letter came upon a time when COVID-19 cases topped one million in the United […]

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While Others Districts Close Early, Cobb, Marietta, Fulton, and Atlanta Public Schools Opt to Stay Open

While other districts have opted to end school early, four metro Area school districts (Atlanta Public Schools, Fulton County Schools, Marietta City Schools, and Cobb County) have opted to keep school going to the end of the school as previously scheduled. While Governor Kemp’s announcement that Georgia schools will remain closed through the end of […]

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Federal Waiver Approved Federal Assessment Waiver- No CCRPI for 2020 or State Testing

Immediately following the closure of metro Atlanta schools for two weeks on March 16th, Superintendent Roger Woods took the step to suspend teacher and leader evaluation and state assessment, and consequences with attendance. Followed by an announcement of the United States Department of Education that encouraged states to request waivers from federal assessments, Georgia filed […]