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Starting March 30th, Buford City Schools will implement a new grading system for the remainder of school closure (through April 27) for grades 1-8. The goal of this new grading system is to provide low impact grades for all students while providing additional support for those students who have not yet mastered standards in the four content areas. 

In addition to the new guidance, BCS also went on to clarify how yearly averages are computed.

For students who were passing courses as of March 13 for yearly average will receive a weekly participation grade (100) if they submit all of their work for the week.  Participation Grades will be included in final grade calculations but will be low impact grades and will not significantly increase or decrease a student’s averages.

To clarify, students will have three grades to date, Week 1 Participation, Week 2 Participation, and Week 3 Participation. (Note: 1st and 2nd Grade student Participation grades began with Week 2) Grades taken between March 16-present will remain in the grade book but will not impact the final average as noted by the asterisk.

The policy then clarified for students who were failing on March 13. Those will continue to receive Participation grades and additional support and grades in the area he/she was failing until the student is passing the course. 

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