In a unanimous vote tonight, the Newton County School District has named Dr. Duke Bradley, III as the sole finalist for Superintendent. This seat was vacated by former Superintendent Samantha Fuhrey, who retired in June 2023. Currently, Dr. Bradley serves as the Chief of Staff in Henry. County Schools.

“I think it was apparent by Dr. Bradley’s words at the end of our meeting that his energy is contagious,” remarked Newton County Board of Education Chair Mrs. Shakila Henderson-Baker. “I also think the fact that the Board was unified in the decision really showed that no matter what our issues were that were brought forward and no matter what the community brought forward in the stakeholder survey—everything matched up, and it worked out well together.”

According to the press release from the district, Dr. Bradley has also served as Deputy Superintendent and Chief of Schools for Beaufort County Schools in Beaufort, South Carolina. He also served as the principal of Banneker High School in Fulton County Schools and the Executive Director of the Wesley International School in Atlanta.

“I’m just humbled beyond measure,” said Dr. Bradley after the meeting. “I think it is very clear that this Board of Education had a very clear design on what it was that they wanted in a superintendent. I’m just hopeful that I can meet their expectations and I’m very much looking forward to engaging with the community over the next several weeks and months.”

Georgia law requires that at least 14 days prior to appointing a superintendent, the Board of
Education must release the information they have about as many as three candidates who are
being considered. Netwon County School Board is scheduled to meet again on October 24.

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