Rome, GA- At Coosa High School, a group of black students were suspended after a planned protest in response to a video of white students waving a Confederate flag and using racial slurs during the spirit day event.

According to CBS46, the group of protesters consisted of Black, White, and Hispanic students.

After the school administration failed to discipline the students responsible, student organizer Jaylynn Murray says, “I feel the Confederate flag should not be flown at all. It is a racist symbol and it makes me feel disrespected.”

Deziya Fain, another student organizer adds, “I felt really disrespected how the school didn’t do anything about it and when we are not allowed wear BLM (Black Lives Matter) stuff and they are allowed to carry a racist flag around.”

CBS46 news says a parent provided a recording of an announcement over the school intercom upon hearing of the protest, where a school administrator warned students they would be punished if they tried to participate.

When the Black students along with the White and Hispanic students confronted the administration about rectifying the issue and their protest plans, it became a heated discussion.  

Students tell CBS46 that they began to argue with administrators about the lack of disciplinary action taken against students using racial slurs.

The confrontation ended with only the Black students being suspended. While there were White and Hispanic students in the company, they received no punishment.

“They didn’t suspend me and I was yelling and loud. It’s because I’m white,” says Coosa High school student, Lilyan Huckaby.

Lekysha Morgan, mother of three students who were suspended for planning to participate in the protest states that she has complained to the administration repeatedly only to receive a response that “administrators say they are looking into it, but she hasn’t seen the students responsible be suspended”.

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