The Atlanta Board of Education approved the FY2022 Budget on Monday, at the APS Board of Education Community Meeting.

The budget will address various issues, such as pay raises for qualified employees, as mentioned by Superintendent, Dr. Lisa Herring.

“For our staff this budget includes a robust and comprehensive compensation strategy worth over $23.8 million and this includes staff raises for all eligible employees on a pay-grade step…”

The budget also invested in school infrastructure for students and strategies for diversity outreach. 

Overall, the total fund of the budget ended up being nearly $1.4 billion.

The largest part of the budget was the Consolidated General Fund, which accounted for $904 million, followed by the Special Revenue Fund which accounted for $362 million, SPLOST Fund ($86 million), Nutrition Fund ($33 million) and the Student Activity Fund ($4.5 million).

All nine board members voted “Yea” for the approval of the budget.

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