On Friday Atlanta Public Schools Board President, Jason Esteves, released a statement updating the community on the status of the search to replace Carstarphen who came to the district in 2014 after a massive cheating scandal that rocked the district.

The announcement came after in September 2019, the board announced that it would not renew Carstarphen’s contract to the dismay of some parents. After six months of searching, the sole finalist should be announced after the following vetting process:

-Crafting a leadership profile that guided the board through their interviews

-Four rounds of interviews and interviews with community members

The new Superintendent will be coming on the heels of not only a new Strategic Plan but also the COVID-19 Pandemic that has created not only instructional challenges but budget concerns.

Esteves ended his statement by “We know that these are difficult times for all of us due to the crisis created by COVID- 19. Please know that we are strongly committed to ensuring that Dr. Carstarphen is successful through the term of her contract, which will end on June 30, 2020, and that the incoming superintendent has a stable and smooth transition in anticipation of the 2020- 2021 school year.”

The sole finalist is expected to be announced in May 2020.

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