Atlanta Public Schools now using high-tech weapon detection systems in all middle and high Schools

Evolv Technology has announced its partnership with Atlanta Public Schools (APS) to begin using its weapon-detection systems in 15 middle schools and 21 high schools across the district. According to a press release from Evolv about the partnership, this came together after the volume of students arriving simultaneously at these schools made it difficult for metal detectors to screen everyone individually.  

An issue that formed from the detectors not screening individual students was finding weapons in the schools. Over two dozen guns were found in APS schools last year.  

“We wanted the best option to keep our environment safe, and that was Evolv,” said Ron Applin, chief of police for Atlanta Public Schools in the press release. “People are going to start seeing that they can’t get items past the security check now, and that’s going to make a real difference.”  

According to statistics from the press release, the Evolv Express screens up to 4,000 people per hour. This is 10 times faster than metal detectors. The systems combine sensor technology with artificial intelligence to differentiate personal items from potential threats. This will allow students to walk into their school buildings without having to stop and be searched. APS will use 32 express systems in total, with 4 at 2 football stadiums.  

Over 200 schools in the United States have worked with Evolv to level up their security while reducing the anxiety that students, staff,  parents, and caretakers may face surrounding school safety.  

“We often hear from the schools we work with report that, with Evolv’s presence, students and staff feel safer and better able to focus on learning,” said Peter George, CEO of Evolv Technology in the press release. “We believe that helping students and staff start their day with peace of mind is important to positive educational outcomes as well as healthy social and emotional development. We look forward to supporting Atlanta Public Schools while continuing to work towards our mission of transforming security to create a safer world for people to live, learn, work, and play.” 

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