All For Lunch clears lunch debt for Cobb County schools students

MARIETTA- The non-profit All for Lunch donated more than $20,000 to Cobb Schools Schools Food and Nutrition Services to pay off debt for elementary students in the District. 

“Donations allow us to clear charges for students who charged meals before being approved for free or reduced meals,” explained Emily Hanlin, Cobb Schools Executive Director of Food and Nutrition Services. “A big thank you to All For Lunch for paying off this debt for our elementary students!”

During the height of the pandemic, the federal government made lunch free to all 50+ million public school students nationwide- including students in Cobb County Schools. That program expired in September 2021 with many families, school districts, and legislators scrambling to find funds to clear debts for needy students. The Cobb Schools Food and Nutrition Services serves more than 63,000 lunches and 25,500 breakfasts every single school day

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