7 Pillars Career Academy sent a letter announcing to its families that it will close its doors permanently on June 30. 

7 Pillars Career Academy, a charter school serving middle and high school students in Clayton County, is closing. In a letter from Clayton County Schools, they announced to the school’s families that the 7 Pillars Career Academy will close its doors permanently on June 30. 

On October 30, 2023, the Clayton County Public School (CCPS) Board of Education voted not to renew 7 Pillar’s charter in a Board Meeting. During the meeting, Dr. Chantara Rumph-Carter, CCPS Director of Charter Schools and Strategic Improvement, cited financial, academic, and operational concerns about the board not renewing the charter. 

“The original September 18, 2023, 7 Pillars Career Academy petition and subsequent October 17, 2023, revisions were incomplete and lacked specificity and didn’t meet the minimal; requirements as outlined by the state of Georgia that would help the reviewers ascertain if the petitioner could operate a school that was financially viable and was in the best interest of Clayton County.” said Rumph-Carter during the meeting. “Therefore, considering the historic and ongoing concerns with the school’s financial, academic, operational, and governance performance, the committee recommends the CCS Board of Education vote to deny the petition as recommended by the committee.”

The motion was passed with six members of the Clayton County Schools Board members voting “yes” and one abstention from board member Jasmine Bowles. 

On March 20, the State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia denied petitioning the school for another year due to failure to meet eligibility. A section of the letter from 7 Pillars’s letter reads, “On March 20, 2024, The State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia (SCSC) sent a denial letter to 7 Pillars’ leadership informing them that the State Commission cannot consider the school’s petition for approval because the school does not meet SCSC eligibility requirements for petition consideration and has significant deficiencies such that operation of the charter school would not be consistent with state educational goals.”

The letter also lets families know they must choose another school option for the 2024-25 school year and encourages current students to keep up with their work.

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