Our November 7 election is a few months away, and here at Education in Atlanta, we’re dedicated to covering all the candidates and their position on how to help move education forward in the metro Atlanta area.

In the coming weeks, we will interview each candidate for Board of Education positions, and to do that, we need you.

In the spirit of the fast-changing landscape in the metro area, we must ask the right questions to the candidates.

We got this idea from Citizen’s Agenda through the Boulder Reporting Lab to get to the “root of the issue.” Our mission as an independent newsroom is focused on the intersection of education, race, and poverty, and the best way to get to our mission is to ask the right questions.

So, our method is simple. We will ask you what topics matter the most for you during this election cycle. We will then take those answers and develop election coverage for our question-and-answer interviews with candidates. Starting in October, we will publish the candidate interviews for all to read.

Before we reach out to any candidates, we want to learn about your pressing issues in education. We will collect these questions and use them as we solicit answers from all candidates for Board of Education seats in the metro Atlanta area.