Mike Creekmore, Jr. LPC

How to Survive The ‘End Days’ in the Midst of a Pandemic

We are headed down the home stretch. The countdown has begun. This is the time of year when everyone thinks teachers are gleeful and full of vigor. It’s believed that the stress and rigor of the year should be slowly…

Do It For The ‘Gram: The Implications of Social Media for Students

Mark walked down the hall and totally missed the wet spot on the floor… He slipped and fell, right in front of Elya’s class. It was extremely embarrassing because Elya is Mark’s crush. Everyone that saw what happened hysterically laughed….

Superhero: The Black Male School Counselor

It’s the first week of school, I’ve been paged… I know it’s probably one of my students- a first or fifth grader. I turn the corner to the downstairs First Grade Hallway and see Matthew*. He’s flailing and yelling at…